Hi! My name is Sequoyah and welcome to my website! Since you are here let me tell you a little bit about myself…  I am a Brooklynite who loves to travel capturing solidarity in the moment! Couples, Families and Friends. I am a wife to a drummer who I think is AMAZING! I love all things that are teal and gold; it is a must! Lastly, if you like any form of ice cream that has caramel or Reese’s, then we will definitely have to take a break during our shoot and indulge in the goodness of sugar and carbs lol. To wrap up, I want you to know that I love that feeling of being in the presence of an awesome moment that I can see about to happen and capturing it at the very second it appears. I want you to feel confident and embrace the moment! Get in touch and let’s start the process of making magic!